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School Council


Westside Elementary 2015-2016 School Governing Council Members

Wendy Jowers Principal
Jeneen Cliett (3 year term - ends 2016) Parent Member
Stephanie Childers (3 year term - ends 2016) Parent Member
Sydney Harrell (2 yr. term - ends in 2017) Parent Member
Trent Bennett (2 yr. term - ends in 2017) Teacher Member
Staci Hill (3 yr. term - ends 2016) Teacher Member
Cecilia Smith (2 yr. term - ends 2017) Classified Member
Amy Hughes (3 yr. term - ends 2016) Certified Support Member
Betty Royal (3 year term - ends 2016) Community Member
Jennie Thomas (2 year term - ends 2017) Community Member


2015-2016 Meeting Dates

Wednesday, August 12th

Wednesday, September 16th

Wednesday, October 14th

Wednesday, November 18th

Wednesday, January 13th

Wednesday, February 17th

Wednesday, April 13th

*Meetings will be held at NOON in the Data Room at Westside.
Lunch will be provided at each meeting. 

*Elections will be held in May of 2016 to replace the following the members:
Jeneen Cliett, Stephanie Childers, Staci Hill, Amy Hughes & Betty Royal